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A Million Says This Will Be A Hit

The song “You’re Not Sorry” is arguably the best song off of Taylor Swift’s new album “Fearless”. Following her last two singles, this should be the third one. I believe this could be her biggest hit yet and help her album push a million more copies. Its story of heartbreak, second chances and forgiving or lack of them can resonate with the mainstream audience and that catchy hook of a chorus it has demands to be replayed once it gets stuck in your head. Furthermore, with confidence I’ll wager that radio stations will play the hell out of this song. If she doesn’t release this as the next single, it’d be a huge mistake.

Note that the song was not officially released to radio play, however it was released as a single digitally only (among a few of her other songs before the album’s release date) on October 28’th. This post is in reference to actual air play, of which only her songs “Love Story” and “White Horse” have been put out as singles so far.

Here’s the link:

Posted By: Kyle Bulai on March 25’th ’09

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