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AI 4/01: Megan Joy Flies Off

Tonight’s Idol, for a results show, was jumping. Lady GaGa sat behind a plastic bubble encased piano and belted out her hit song Poker Face and the contestants seemed to be the happiest yet. Of all seasons aired so far, these runner ups appear to get along the most. Jokingly imitating each other, Megan “cawing” and waving her arms like a bird across the stage. It was different.

As they lined up in their three separate groups to hear the results, sent to one side of the stage or the other (Matt went to the wrong side) Anoop, Megan and Alison who were my picks yesterday, rounded out the bottom three.

Megan seemed to know she was going home and was possibly aware that she was Vote For the Worst’s pick, telling Simon she didn’t care about his opinion that he had given her the prior night. She ended up being the one voted off, Simon telling her straight up that she wouldn’t be saved because of her comment. Maybe she’ll get a chance to make an Amy Winehouse like record. Until then she’ll get to spend some time with her son. Next week the final eight will be covered.

Megan Joy

Megan Joy

Kyle Bulai 4/1 ’09

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