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Upcoming “Wolverine” Leaked, FBI On It

X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which isn’t set to be released into theaters until May 1’st, was leaked today onto torrent sites. It’s not unusual for a timestamped, cammed or otherwise shoddy picture quality version of a film to be uploaded a week or two from release, the problem is that Wolverine is a workprint and its damn near close to DVD quality over a month before its supposed to drop.

The film, which sources say is cut fifteen minutes short (the studio is still touching up the special effects before the release) has no apparent degradation to the quality. This is making the studio nervous, as it would have to have been someone inside the studio or close to production to upload the flick.

As of this moment it would appear as though the FBI is inside the torrent tracking people’s IP addresses who are trying to see the movie early. To those thinking of looking Wolverine up or even getting it illegally, know that the source is being tracked. How this will affect ticket sales can’t be known until release, though with X-Men being a big franchise and the movie having effects and sound worthy of a large screen, the better choice is to pay and see the movie when it comes out.

Kyle Bulai 4/1 ’09 via Dark Horizons

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