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Conficker, New Y2K Bug?

April 1’st, or April Fools, was supposed to be the day that the worst computer virus since 2003 was unleashed worldwide. What was supposed to cause a global uproar and many frustrated PC users turned out to be a whisper. Though earlier on some Government systems had gotten wave of Conficker, the virus failed to branch out. Was it an April Fools joke or a return of the Y2K bug scare?

Conficker, which got its name from the German word “to f***” or the cleaner version of a rearrangement of portions of the domain name “, is a computer worm that puts an infinite loop of pop-ups, lock outs and blocks on seeing if your machine is infected. Microsoft put out a $250,000 bounty for anyone who had information on who was passing it around and who started it. It can affect almost all Microsoft operating systems starting from Windows 2000 onwards. As of January 2009 15 million computers were infected by this worm that takes advantage of a [formerly] unpatched security flaw.

Using Anti-virus and being careful with what sites are browsed, files downloaded should help users in not getting the worm. For those using Mac machines, they have nothing to worry about. For the 90% of the market that uses Windows, just be careful with your computer practices.

Whether Conficker was purposely said to go viral on April 1’st as a joke, only to later come is yet to be seen. For now, this seems like just another media hyped computer scare in a long line of them.

Kyle Bulai 4/3 ’09

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