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Pepsi Throwback Coming Soon

Announced earlier this year and set for a late April, early May release, Pepsi Co. will be manufacturing their iconic beverage with real sugar again . In addition to Pepsi, Mountain Dew will also be getting the old fashioned treatment. Back in the mid 80’s cane sugar was replaced with high fructose corn syrup which doesn’t have quite the kick that the CS has. So what does this mean to you, the consumer? You’re going to get a better tasting drink. After the price of cane sugar went up, that’s when companies made the switchover. Many believed that Coca-Cola’s new branding of “New Coke” was in fact put in place so that users wouldn’t notice when they reverted back to the original recipe that HFCS was added. Believe me, if you’ve had a Jones Soda or any other soft drink with the cane sugar, there’s a huge difference in taste and quality.

As of now there isn’t a firm release date set but it should be anywhere between that window, with Pepsi already stating that they have produced the good stuff.

When it hits stores it will be a limited release said to be from April 20’th to June 13’th. Here’s the packaging to look out for:

Kyle Bulai 4.10 ’09 with some info via BevReview

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