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Kara Knows How to Sing

American Idol’s publicly scrutinized new judge Kara DioGuardi has received a lot of flack this season. Most of it has to do with her being there in the first place. But all these attacks seem a little misdirected, after all, she’s written hit songs like “Walk Away” for Kelly Clarkson and has worked with other musicians such as Celine Dion, Santana, Faith Hill and Britney Spears. She’s helped write a lot of hits for pop stars, which is exactly what American Idol is about. Maybe viewers feel bitter that Kara could someday overtake Paula Abdul’s position, but it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Besides Simon, I feel Kara gives the most helpful advice. It’s music industry language which is what the contestants need to hear.

Kara’s always wanted to make it as a singer but that hasn’t worked out so well, even though she deserves to with her writing ability and vocal chops. Music is of course, subjective, but watch this clip and judge her voice for yourself. With all of these talents, why shouldn’t be judging the Idols?


3 Responses to “Kara Knows How to Sing”

  1. kara is freakin useless! nobody likes her! overtake paulas positition? hahahahaha that was the best joke i heard all day. when kara was the only female judge on a show, the show got cancelled after 2 episodes. thats how much America likes Kara as a judge
    Paula as female judge = nr 1 show in TV history

    so just shut your trap Paula hater!

  2. By no means am I a Paula hater, in writing that fans “may feel bitter that Kara could overtake her” I was implying that many do feel that she was brought on the show to one day take her place. Whether Paula, Kara or even Randy for that matter stay or go doesn’t bother me. The point of this post was to show that Kara does have talent and a right to be there. Canadian Idol has four judges and that works out well.

  3. YES, Kara is amazing!! she is multi talent in music..
    She knows well about how to make hit songs, how to sing, and how to work in music industry. I think AI is very lucky to put her as the judge.
    Go Kara, you rocks!!!

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