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Music Find: Melanie Fiona

This 27 year old from Toronto Canada just released her debut album “The Bridge” which is chalk full of catchy pop with an old/current R&B vibe. The first single, “Give It To Me Right” samples the Zombies’ “Time of the Season” while Ms. Fiona sings coolly over the beat.

Based on that single, which you can check out here, I decided to pick up her album. It’s good, very catchy, nice summer listening. The first nine out of twelve tracks are all r&b pop fare with maybe one slow song out of the bunch. The last three are ballads and forgettable, but 9 out of 12 is good enough, a lot of songs have been put on repeat. You can purchase and hear previews on iTunes.

Melanie has a good voice and comes across as the “struggling musician” type since she was signed to her label for seven years before an album dropped. She also thanked Canada and Toronto twice in the notes so there’s some Canadian “support our musicians” pride there as well. The handclaps, soul and “smooth voice riding along a nice beat” gives the album a nice drive through the city vibe.

Don’t expect this to blow your mind, it’s fun while it lasts and her voice stands out from the modern pop bunch (since she has some nice pipes that are the same live as on the album.) She’s also credited with writing many of her songs and the legendary L. Dozier co-wrote a track. Melanie’s also opened up for Kanye West and performed with the Roots.

Key tracks: “You Stop My Heart” “Monday Morning” “Priceless” “Give it to Me Right” and “Walk On By”.

Written By: Kyle Bulai


2 Responses to “Music Find: Melanie Fiona”

  1. I’ve been a musician for 35 years. It is disgusting that “artists” like this can’t even come up with their own original music, but instead have to rip off true musicians who did the heavy lifting. The sickening thing is that so many sheeple think this is real music. No doubt, Ms. Fiona considers herself an artist. What a joke.

    There has always been pop music, but this is completely manufactured bullshit like so much of the crap that fills the airwaves today. In stark contrast to Ms. Fiona and her ilk are the Beatles, to cite one example. Yes, The Beatles were poppy in the beginning, but there is a huge difference between them and the myriad hip-hop and R & B cretins of today (country music is also manufactured garbage but at least the backing bands can play well. As far as modern rock goes, rock bands normally possess real musicians; however, with a few notable exceptions there has been nothing innovative in the rock genre in over a decade).

    The Beatles wrote their own music, played their own music and contributed to the musical lexicon in ways that would take many pages to delineate. Also, not only do they have staying power almost a half a century after the fact, but every musician that I’ve known throughout the years, regardless of genre, has the greatest respect for them. No musician that I know has any regard for the mindless cookie cutter garbage that has inundated the airwaves for far too long.

    I can’t believe how our culture has degenerated. The Zombies should sue (if theyr’e still alive) – I sure as hell would. I guess taking music lessons, learning to play an instrument and learning to write your own music is simply too much trouble for some people. Why waste your time when you can act immorally and rip off true musicians.

  2. I can’t really argue that since for the most part, I think it’s true. The Beatles comparison isn’t very fair though, there’s no other musicians out there who can even touch the greatness of that band. They’re in a class all of their own.

    To me, this album was the equivalent of a summer popcorn movie. You don’t expect it to be life shattering or “music as art”, you just sit back and listen to some catchy pop tunes. That’s it. While I agree with a lot of your points, I also feel it’s unfair to so harshly criticize someone who can actually sing and write her own music. She’s not a prepackaged pop star, in fact the album hasn’t even been selling well.

    I acknowledge the fact that too many songs today (in particular in the rap genre) make it big just by sampling other popular songs from the past. That’s their only reason for success and it is disappointing that they can’t come up with something more original.

    Thanks for the comment and the read.

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