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Christoph Waltz Deserves an Oscar Nom

While the 82’nd Oscars won’t happen until March of next year, how can the Academy not take note of Christoph Waltz’s outstanding performance as Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantino’s newest film Inglorious Basterds right now? The opening scene in which “the Jew Hunter” interrogates a farmer suspected of harbouring Jews while drinking a glass of milk is golden. The rising tension, the way this actor who had only done theatre and a few films before this managed to play a character so defined, at once inviting and then at the flip of a coin sinister, is nothing short of brilliant. He was able to be humorous, villainous and pleasant and have you believe every facet. It’d be hard to capture how good his performance was in words, you’d have to see it for yourself to get the true grasp of it. In a film with high talent, this man managed to chew up the scenery every time he was on screen.

Many actors under Tarantino’s direction have gone on to score nominations and not win. His last two efforts, Kill Bill and Death Proof received nothing. Maybe this will break that spell. He’s already won the Best Actor Award for this film at the Cannes Film Festival where it premiered, this is only the next logical step. Even though there are many films to be released between now and March, here’s an early bid for a Best Actor/Supporting Actor Nod for this fine actor. This is one of those perfect performances that will be hard to forget.

Written By: Kyle Bulai Sept 24’th ’09


7 Responses to “Christoph Waltz Deserves an Oscar Nom”

  1. Hell yes he does. Highlight of the movie along with Tarantino’s script.

  2. imo he was the best part of the movie..

  3. i agree with this point, he played a really good part, the best part in this movie though was Brad Pitt trying a italian accent 😛

  4. He should get the nom!

  5. I agree. Would it be too much to ask that Tarantino gets another Nom for Best Original Screenplay? The writing was epic. It’d be an injustice not to see it in the list of nominees.

  6. The man is positively brilliant in the role. The character is so complex one has to hand it to Tarantino as a magnificent piece of creation! In my books he deserves to be nominated.

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