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Music Find: Florence + the Machine

Florence Welch is a 23 year old from London who’s alternating band mates are “the machine”. Her [literally ass kicking] song “Kiss With a Fist” was recently used in Diablo Cody’s new movie Jennifer’s Body. She has also appeared performing the single on The Late Show with David Letterman. Florence’s London accent combined with pop punk guitars and nuanced melodies with catchy hooks throughout the rest of the album give the band a fresh sound. For fans of Indie Pop/rock or for those that dig the likes of PJ Harvey or Kate Nash. Their first album Lungs dropped on July 5’th and has already wracked up some impressive acclaim. The rest of the album packs a much different flavour then this lead off track but it’s all delivered with catchy hooks and passionate vocals.

Here’s the track:

You’ve Got the Love:

Written By: Kyle Bulai


2 Responses to “Music Find: Florence + the Machine”

  1. ahh love Florence & The Machine! I’m not sure there is a song that I’ve heard that hasn’t been beautiful and captivating. One of my favourites is “you’ve got the love” you should check it out!

  2. That’s a great song, added it to the post.

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