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Music Corner: Melissa Trinchere’s “Seasons”

On her new album Seasons, Los Angeles based musician Melissa Trinchere crafts ten songs that fans of Fiona Apple and Tori Amos (among other talented ladies of the piano based singer/songwriting movement) can easily get into. Described as an album of love songs, cautionary tales and deeply personal character stories filled with an ethereal, brooding sound, Ms. Trinchere creates music that is both lyrically engaging and sonically pleasing.

Unlike the instant ear candy that pop represents, the songs here are catchy in their own fashion. This is music for thought as much as it is entertainment. (She Gets What She Wants comes to mind.) The songs are building, clever and demanding of repeated listens, like on album opener Slow and Broken which has the piano following along and settling on a rhythm that you’ll want to hear again. Album closer Dark November is another standout.

Starting with January, the album transports the listener through a personal journey of love, loss and relationships over a year’s time. It is the concept and central theme of the album which shifts between dates (Christmas on the Emerald Isle) and layout. Not just sticking to piano backed songs, a few have an almost alternative rock vibe to them.

With three EP’s and one previous album already under her belt, Seasons is a strong effort that shows Ms. Trinchere to be a talented and creative singer/songwriter. Her music brings to mind the earlier sessions of Amy Lee, Fiona Apple and other acts who went on to build more onto their sound with bigger backing. Her voice has a nice, relaxing and serious tone to it that completely fits with this type of music and that is unique enough to distinguish from her other contemporaries.

Seasons was released on December 7’th and is available for purchase (among her other releases) on iTunes. It is also available for order at her website where you can hear a stream of the album. You can also get a sampling of a few of her tracks at her Myspace page here:

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Written By: Kyle Bulai

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