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Apple Unveils iPad To Acclaim, Criticism

January 28, 2010

Today Apple unveiled their long rumoured, eagerly anticipated tablet that managed to spark about as much debate about its abilities as its shortcomings. With the appearance of an enlarged iPhone, the iPad is a sleek new device targeted at capturing the attention of e-book, portable internet and gadget fans alike. But how much marketshare will […]

Interview with Melissa Trinchere

January 19, 2010

A few months back I had the opportunity to ask the talented independent musician Melissa Trinchere a few questions. It was the first time I’d done something like this and my questions were mainly focused around how songs are crafted and the way a songwriters state of mind is throughout the recording period. Whether you […]

Catwoman Leaps Line At Airport

January 9, 2010

Proving yet again that Hollywood stars do get preferential treatment, Halle Berry and her partner Gabriel Aubry got a nice jump ahead of the line at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport. While others had to worry about customs and stop points, Berry had an officer escort her from the back to the front. Inspector Jimmy Cacchione, […]