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Apple Unveils iPad To Acclaim, Criticism

Today Apple unveiled their long rumoured, eagerly anticipated tablet that managed to spark about as much debate about its abilities as its shortcomings.

With the appearance of an enlarged iPhone, the iPad is a sleek new device targeted at capturing the attention of e-book, portable internet and gadget fans alike. But how much marketshare will it capture, especially with its hefty price tag?

Starting at $499 for the 16GB “basic” Wi-Fi enabled device, the cost goes as high as $829 for the 3G, 64GB model. On top of that a $30 per month data plan needs to be set-up, which begs the question, why not just stick with your iPhone?

Already tech and gadget sites are discussing the many problems with this first generation device, from the name (Tampax jokes galore!) to the pricing and lack of features. Sure it plays movies from iTunes, but it doesn’t do widescreen! Sure you can surf the net and use hundreds of apps but there’s no multi-tasking. Another deal breaker is that there’s no support for Flash, which may be okay for the iPhone but on a gadget marketed towards people who want portable internet, not having flash will bring down the quality of the surfing experience.

In typical Apple fashion the device looks as sleek and well designed as ever (though the surrounding bezel could do with a little more thinning) and many fans of the company will probably scoop up the device. It maintains the simplistic design they’re known for and appears to be heavily inspired by the iPhone’s look. It also has the nice ability to sync up with a Bluetooth keyboard to make typing a lot easier.

At the end of the day after the hype has settled, you have to ask yourself if it’s really worth it. With no e-ink, shorter battery life due to screen size and no USB ports either, it’d be difficult choosing this over an Amazon Kindle (for reading) or a $250 netbook for the internet and word programs. There’s a lot of good tech in play here, it just seems underwhelming. Apple always improves upon their products every year and time will tell if this can have the standing power of an iconic device like the iPod or the iPhone.

Written By: Kyle Bulai


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