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Editorial: Ke$ha, All But Good

Ke$ha, the newest pop sensation with major daddy issues has slowly started dominating iPods with her hit song “Tik Tok”. Rhyming about brushing her teeth with a bottle of jager, feeling like P. Diddy and her man’s wienerschnitzel she comes across as nothing more than another prepackaged dim witted pop tart. Trying to pass herself off as edgy (because, as she admitted in a recent  Rolling Stone Interview pissing in people’s champagne bottles “is living life”) as comments on the article show, a majority think she came right from an area with no class. Every statement she utters either is meant to provoke or goes to show how vapid she is.

How can you blame them though, with the music industry’s choice of product already under a lot of scrutiny this artist (used about as loosely as possible) just adds more fuel to the fire. It opens up the debate as to just how far the music scene has spiraled downwards when major labels push someone like this as a hot new singer, even worse that so many people lap it up. Without a shred of creativity to her name, this high-school dropout has already managed to have the fastest selling single of the year. Her music mainly consists of nothing more then talking over a keyboard beat with juvenile lyrics focused on partying and going wild. Young girls used to look up to well spoken singers and celebrity figures, it’s disappointing to wonder if there’s any left that haven’t done their way up the industry ladder for profit.

It begs the question, just what is a hit song in today’s climate? Forty years ago millions of people screamed for the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, four lads whose success will probably never be topped. They played all of their instruments, wrote all of their tunes and created hit after hit. Today, music is more then ever about money and a product. Ke$ha’s success is based off of a projected partying image, of videos and debatable music talent. Nothing was more evident of that then her performance on Conan O’Brien which was so awful it was pulled off of her official Youtube fanpage.

Probably the biggest gripe of all is the little known fact that independent musician Uffie did it all first and much better. The similarities between the style of the two go far beyond genre and in even in today’s unoriginal climate, the main beat of Tik-Tok was lifted off of a Kylie Minogue track. It’s more then evident with the numerous usage of auto-tune, samples and other audio trickery that music (the most mainstream at least) is getting progressively dumbed down and worse as the years go by. Ke$ha isn’t even rapping, she’s merely speaking over a beat that she didn’t create, with a song a producer helped her write and whom the mass public bought. The people who complain about the downfall of the industry need to not point their fingers just at the musicians themselves but the public who buy into it. Speak with your wallets and maybe those 15 minutes will be shortened to ten.

Written By: Kyle Bulai


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