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Christoph Waltz Deserves An Oscar Win

All the way back in September we here at The Media Crunch vouched for an early Oscar nomination for Christoph Waltz’s incredible performance in QT’s Inglorious Basterds. As the rest of ’09 flew by and more stellar performances were given (in particular, Stanley Tucci as George Harvey in The Lovely Bones) our position that Mr. Waltz deserved it was unchanged by any others. We just felt the performance was that good and we were far away from being the only one. As the Golden Globes approached and he won the prize more momentum was building, then he went on to win the SAG award. Now that the Oscar nominees have been revealed and he is definitely in the running our position is “Academy voters, this man deserves the Oscar!” Waltz gave an outstanding performance that will be remembered in film for a long time. He played the Jew Hunter Hans Landa believably and with as much gusto and flair as any past winner or present nominee. As a relative newcomer to American cinema after doing a lot of theater he was spot on, and among an ensemble cast he managed to constantly chew up the scenery. With a few awards for the role already under his belt, why not give him with the top prize as well?

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