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Will This Be the End of Heroes?

After a spectacular first season back in 2006, NBC’s hit Heroes has been met with nothing but rocky criticism since. Season two was panned for slowing down too quickly, season three for just being plain awful and four, well four is actually being well received right now.

Though fans and critics alike have been pleased with the show getting back on pace this season, the ratings tell a different story. The season four finale only managed to capture 4.41 million viewers. Compared to the first season’s 13.48, that is quite the drop. With ratings on a steady decline each episode until this finale, the question mark still remains as to whether or not the show will be brought back. Based on budget, casting and effects? The show would have to be considerably cut to match those viewership ratings. Based on other shows with similar ratings like Sarah Connor Chronicles, not a chance being that low.

Heroes had its run, whether it should’ve stopped earlier or not…is of your own opinion.

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