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Rumor: iPad Moves 50K Units in 2 Hours

The undying hype for Apple’s newest, coolest gadget only got bigger today when pre-orders were finally opened for everyone in the U.S. According to one report, two orders placed 30 minutes apart this morning resulted in Order ID numbers approximately 10,000 apart, suggesting a rate somewhere near 20,000 orders per hour if they are issued sequentially as they appear to be. There are problems with these numbers, as not everyone has paid in full yet, nor have they counted the people who didn’t pre-order through Apple’s site. Regardless, with the rabid fanbase they’ve acquired for all of their devices thus far (many of whom camped out for the iPhone upon its release) these initial numbers aren’t too shocking. Whether the iPad will hold up in the long run is to be seen. The device ships out on April 3’rd.

via Mac Rumors

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