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Avatar Returns?

March 13, 2010

With its wildly successful theatrical run nearing its end, will Avatar be re-released in the summer? Possibly. At a Gabelli & Co┬áinvestor’s conference IMAX CEO Richard Gelfond said that Cameron had about 40 minutes of additional material that didn’t make the theatrical cut. He also predicted a rerelease, which he said probably would occur in […]

Weekend Box Office

April 12, 2009

It seems an odd choice to release a [purportedly] high profile movie like Hannah Montana on Easter Weekend, but Disney did it nonetheless. The film grossed a modest $34 million on its debut, with the new Fast & Furious flick coming in at second with another $28.7 million. Considering its budget, Fast and Furious has […]

You Aren’t Watching the Watchmen

March 29, 2009

This weekends box office totals are in (March 27’th-29’th) and the $150 mil big budget adaptation of Alan Moore’s graphic novel is not doing so hot. In its 4’th week out the grand total is only $163,927,282 worldwide. Doesn’t appear to be making that money back anytime soon. Then again, it was a niche movie. […]